What I desire? This Thing, grand, deep, proliferating, stystematic.
I am clearly +18 NSFW.
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A few words…

What I desire?

This Thing, grand, deep, proliferating, stystematic. I am looking for myself. I am looking for this Activity that would finally free me from this “absence of self”: something I could finally drown into, that I would feel both worthwhile, eminent, noble (I feel I spent far too much time doing base, useless things…) and possible (that is, not insanely high/difficult).

I need to find both love of what I do and sufficient mastery to be able to do it.

I am also seeking distraction, sometimes, because my life now is a bit like a long lonely walk. A lot of meditation and profound thinking, a lot of doubt. I like the idea of being able to put everything on one level.

Desire, Thought, Art, Creation, Love…

Unexpected things appear on the way. I hope many more will come, that will change the course of this path, and enrich me.

I am very drawn to music, literature, art, philosophy (mainly continental, for now, but a few hints at analytic approaches gave me the desire to know more… As soon as possible!).

I feel very sad not to have a more solid scientific education. I am in awe in front of mathematics and physics, and I really wish I would be able to get into that as well as much as possible.


A note on the very desirable and inappropriate content you may find here:

I am clearly +18 NSFW.

Beware, I can be filthy!

Yet I try to remain sensual and aesthetic in my choice of pornographic images. This is also true in life: even when the dirtiest moments come, you need to do it with love. It’s courteous, gentlemanly, classy. It’s bittersweet and crispy. It just tastes better, and it’s more intense.

There is nothing on this blog that I would not do to you, would you be willing, were I deeply attracted to you. In real life, I am still quite shy, it would probably not happen.


I reblog images and other forms of content, with references as often as I can. I add words when they come.

I am immensely grateful for those friends that directly or indirectly contribute to this by sharing with me so many wonders and discoveries.

I will never forget You, naughty girl, incredible woman, true friend, blooming artist, without whom I would not even have created this Tumblr, without whom I am not sure where or whom I would even be now… All this is about missing you, remembering you, dreaming about you, as well as about trying to find a way out of the mistakes we made, out of the sadness, out of the stupid mechanisms…

No one can know the future, and maybe this is all of the past now. Even if this is so, I want to keep your memory, and change those things in me that helped bringing all the mess. I want to meet you one day and be proud of what I have become, so that our story has not been in vain.

I wish you could know how much this means to me.

Ending up the personal parenthesis!

Stranger, future friend, I hope you enjoy this blog, and if a thought crosses your mind, please don’t be shy and message me! ;)